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MCQ on Rowlatt Act 1919

[MCQ] Rowlatt Act 1919 Objective Question Answer

Most Important Multiple Choice Questions with answer from the Rowlatt Act 1919 for competitive exams SSC, cgl, banking and UPSC. For best performance, I would recommend reading Rowlatt Act bill (1919) general knowledge note.

Instruction: The answers are hidden under the black box. To view just hover the mouse on the box or click it.

[MCQ 1] Rowlatt Act bill (1919) is also known as

a) Anarchical and Revolutionary Crimes Act
b) Anarchical and Rebellious Crimes Act
c) Monarchic and Rebellious Crimes Act
d) Monarchic and Revolutionary Crimes Act


a) Anarchical and Revolutionary Crimes Act

[MCQ 2] Another name of Rowlatt Act bill (1919) is

a) Green Act
b) Gray Act
c) Black Act
d) Yellow Act


Black Act

[MCQ 3] Rowlatt Act bill was introduced at the Imperial Legislative Council of

a) Mumbai
b) Delhi
c) Kolkata
d) Pune



[MCQ 4] When the Rowlatt Act bill was introduced at the Imperial Legislative Council of Delhi?

a) 10th March 1919
b) 10th May 1919
c) 10th October 1919
d) 10th April 1919


a) 10th March 1919

[MCQ 5] Rowlatt Act was passed to extend the

a) Revolutionary Crimes Act India 1918
b) Revolutionary Crimes Act India 1905
c) Defense of India Regulations Act 1905
d) Defense of India Regulations Act 1915


d) Defense of India Regulations Act 1915

[MCQ 6] To protest Rowlatt Act bill Gandhiji started Rowlatt Satyagraha on

a) 4th April
b) 5th April
c) 6th April
d) 7th April


c) 6th April

[MCQ 7] Rowlatt Act was passed on 10th March 1919 by

a) Lord Chelmsford
b) Sir Sidney Rowlatt
c) Sir James Rowlatt
d) Sir Williams Rowlatt


b) Sir Sidney Rowlatt

[MCQ 8] Who was the viceroy of India during this period?

a) Lord Chelmsford
b) Sir Sidney Rowlatt
c) Lord Rippon
d) Lord Mountbatten


a) Lord Chelmsford

[MCQ 9] To oppose this bill Gandhiji started

a) Non-cooperative movement
b) Quit India movement
c) Swadeshi and Boycott Movement
d) None of these


a) Non-cooperative movement

[MCQ 10] Which of the following nationalist leader put into jail through this act?

a) Abdul Kalam Azad
b) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
c) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
d) Bal Gangadhar Tilak


a) Abdul Kalam Azad

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[Set-4] Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams

MCQ-1 Which among the following gases does not help in the depletion of ozone in the ozone layer?

B) NO2
D) CO2


D) CO2

MCQ-2 Which among the following substances has the highest heat conductivity?

A) Silver
B) Diamond
C) Copper
D) Aluminium


B) Diamond

MCQ-3 Let violet and red light has same incident angle on prism and r and v are the angle of refraction from the prism respectively. Which relation among the following is correct?

A) r = v
B) r > v
C) r < v
D) r = 1/v


r < v

MCQ-4 Coulomb’s law is applicable when of the two charges

A) one is point, one is spherical
B) both are spherical
C) one is point, one is extended
D) both are points


D) both are points

MCQ-5 The characteristics of a fuse wire are

A) high resistance, high melting point
B) low resistance, low melting point
C) low resistance, high melting point
D) high resistance, low melting point


high resistance, and low melting point.

MCQ-6 Present in alpha particle

A) one proton, one neutron
B) one proton
C) two proton, two neutron
D) one electron


C) two proton, two neutron

MCQ-7 Which of the following is not a periodic property of elements?

A) density
B) boiling point
C) melting point
D) radioactivity


D) radioactivity

MCQ-8 Choose whether the following statement is true or false:
StateMent: Among copper, invar and iron the linear expansion coefficient of iron is the lowest.

A) True
B) False


False: invar has the lowest expansion coefficient

MCQ-9 Which kind of nuclear reaction produces energy in a nuclear reactor?

A) Fission
B) Fusion
C) Both
D) None


A) Fission

MCQ-10 Where in the front of a concave mirror image of an extended object placed at infinity will be formed by the mirror?

A) at focus
B) between focus and pole
C) at double the focus
D) at infinity


A) at focus

INFO: Multiple Choice Question answer for competitive exams. These objective questions with answers are important for West Bengal class 10 madhyamik or secondary board exam.

[Set-3] Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams

MCQ 1> Which of the following gas has greatest contribution in global warming?

C) CH4
D) CO2



MCQ 2> Vapor density of a gas is 14. Then the volume occupied by 2.8 g of that gas at STP is

A) 11.2 L
B) 1.12 L
C) 22.4 L
D) 2.24 L


B) 1.12 L

MCQ 3> There is a small hole in metallic disc. If it is heated then the area of the hole will be

A) Increase
B) Decrease
C) remain unchanged
D) first decrease then increase



MCQ 4> For which of the following color does a lens have maximum focal length?

A) Red
B) Orange
C) Greed
D) Violet


A) Red

MCQ 5> If two resistances each of 10 Ohms are connected in parallel, then the equivalent resistance will be

A) 20 Ohm
B) 10 Ohm
C) 5 Ohm
D) 2.5 Ohm


C) 5 Ohm

MCQ 6> The source of high energy of sun and various stars is

A) nuclear fusion
B) self-reduction
C) carbon reduction
D) nuclear fission


Nuclear fission

MCQ 7> Which harmful rays of sun absorbs by ozone layers?

A) X ray
B) Bita Ray
C) Ultraviolet Ray
D) Gama Ray


Ultraviolet Ray

MCQ 8> What is the dimension of volume expansion coefficient?

A) [K]
B) [K-1]
D) [MLTK-1]


B) [K-1]

MCQ 9> What is the change of focal length of a lens when it is immersed within water?

A) focal length will increase
B) focal length will decrease
C) remain unchanged


B) focal length will decrease

MCQ 10> What is the resistance of a filament of a bulb having a rating 220V-110W?

A) 4 Ohm
B) 40 Ohm
C) 400 Ohm
D) 440 Ohm


D) 440 Ohm

[Set-2] Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams

MCQ-1> Which one of the following is not produced by the burning of fossil fuels?

A) NO2
B) Na2O
C) SO2
D) CO2

Answer – B) Na2O

MCQ-2> The fraction 1/273 in Charles’s law is known as

A) Volume coefficient
B) Pressure coefficient
C) Both volume and pressure coefficient
D:) None of these

Answer – A) Volume coefficient

MCQ-3> The value of thermal conductivity of an ideal insulator is

A) 0
B) 1
C) 100
D) Infinity

Answer – D) infinity

MCQ-4>. The portion where image is formed in human eye is

A) eye lens
B) eyeball
C) blind spot
D) Retina

Answer – Retina

MCQ-5> Which color of the light deviated least through a prism?

A) Red
B) Yellow
C) Violet
D) Green

Answer – Red

MCQ-6> Flow of charge per second is known as –

A) electric potential
B) electric current
C) resistance
D) capacitance

Answer – electric current

MCQ-7> If the equivalent resistance of R1, R2 and R3 (R1> R2 >R3) is R in a parallel combination, then –

A) R > R2
B) R > R1
C) R > R3
D) R < R3

Answer – D) R < R3

MCQ-8> What is the unit of work?

A) Jule
B) N/S
C) Watt
D) Jule/second

Answer – A) Jule

MCQ-9> The dimension of linear expansion coefficient is [M0L0T0K-1]. The statement is –

A) True
B) False

Answer – True

MCQ-10> Which mirror produces virtual and diminished image?

A) Convex Mirror
B) Concave Mirror
C) Both
D) None

Answer – A) Convex mirror

[Set-1] Physics MCQ for Competitive Exams

Physics MCQs for competitive exams, class 9 and Class 10

Instruction: Click or hover the mouse button on the black box to view answer of the MCQs. For mobile users, just touch on the black box.

[MCQ-1] The layer of the atmosphere which control earth’s normal temperature is

A: Troposphere
B: Stratosphere
C: Mesosphere
D: Exosphere

Answer – Tropsphere

MCQ-2 When a water bubble comes up from the depth of a pond its volume

A: Increase
B: Decrease
C: first increase and then decrease
D: first decrease and then increase

Answer – Increase

MCQ-3 Vapour density of a diatomic gas is 14. Atomic weight of the gas is

A: 14
B: 28
C: 42
D: 7

Answer- 28

MCQ-4 Two iron rods of length 1m and 2m respectively when heated to a certain temperature the ratio of linear expansion of those two rods will be

A: 1:2
B: 1:4
C: 1:8
D: 2:1

Answer – 1:2

MCQ-5 The deviation of light ray when refracted by a parallel glass slab is

A: 90 o
B: 0o
C: 45o
D: 180o

Answer – 0o

MCQ-6 The frequency of DC is

A: 0 Hz
B: 50 Hz
C: 60 Hz
D: 220 Hz

Answer – 0 Hz

MCQ-7 β ray is represented by

A: 4He22+
B: 0e-1
C: p+1
D: n0

Answer – 0e-1

MCQ-8 How gave the idea of modern periodic table?

A: Bohr
B: Mendeleev
C: Lothar Meyer
D: Moseley

Answer – Moseley

MCQ-9 Which of the following conducts electricity?

A: CaO
B: CH4
C: C2H2
D: C2H4

Answer – CaO

MCQ-10 A Convex lens of focal length 10 cm. An object is kept 20 cm apart from the lens. The linear magnification of the image will be

A: 10
B: 20
C: 1
D: 2

Answer: 1