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GK> Important Points on Gupta Dynasty PDF

Important General Knowledge on Gupta Dynasty Gupta Period: 319 AD -540 AD Gupta Period or Dynasty is one of the most important periods in Indian History. Here are some important points of the Gupta Empire for your General Knowledge. Gupta’s rule lasted for more than 200 years in Magadha and over the greater part of […]

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Post-Mauryan, Pre-Gupta Period – GK

Post-Mauryan, Pre-Gupta Period – General Knowledge 185 BC – 319 BC Sunga Dynasty Kanva Dynasty Satavahana Dynasty Chedi Dynasty The Sakas The Parthians The Kushans Sunga Dynasty (187 to 73 BC): The founder of the Sunga Dynasty is “Pushyamitra Sunga“. ‘Agnimitra‘ is the son of Pushymitra. He is the hero of the drama ‘Mlalavikag Nimitram‘ […]

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MAURYAN Dynasty: Chandragupta, Bindusara Ashoka GK

MAURYAN Dynasty: Chandragupta, Bindusara Ashoka GK 321 BC – 185 BC Chandragupta Maurya Bindusara Ashoka The major source materials for the Mauryan period are – Arthasastra – written by Kautilya or Chanakya. Indica – Written by Meghasthenese. Mudra Rakshasa – Written by Visakha Dutta. Chandragupta Maurya: (321 – 297 BC) » Chandragupta occupies Patliputra with […]

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