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ncert-samajik-rajnitik-jiban 3 pdf download

NCERT Class-7> Samkalin Samajik aur Rajnitik Jeevan 2 Hindi PDF

Samkalin Samajik aur Rajnitik Jeevan 2 Social Science Hindi PDF

Book Name: Samajik aur Rajnitik Jeevan-2

No of Chapters9
Publisher: NCERT
Board: CBSE
Size: 20 MB
Class: Seven
Language: Hindi

Samkalin Samajik aur Rajnitik Jeevan-2 is a Social Science book published by the NCERT board of India for CBSE students in the Hindi language. This book neatly describes the political and social life of our country. This book is necessary for class seven students to nicely understand the social life of India. There are nine well-described chapters allow students to understand the concept clearly.

Note: This book is for promotional purposes. We do not publish or sell the book. This book is linked to the official website of ncert. nic. in.


Samkalin Samajik aur Rajnitik Jeevan-2 Social ScienceSamkalin Samajik aur Rajnitik Jeevan-2 PDF Download

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NCERT Class 7 Ruchira Sanskrit textbook download pdf

[NCERT Class-7] “Ruchira” Sanskrit Text Book [PDF]

“Ruchira” Sanskrit” Class VII PDF

No of Chapters: 15


Size : 15 MB


Class Seven


Ruchira for class 7 NCERT pdf download> An outstanding book to learn the basics of Sanskrit published by NCERT board of India for CBSE students. Different types of fifteen chapters allow a student to catch the knowledge. Ruchira also included various types of exercise to help a student learn quickly. Each chapter included a large number of problem sets. NOTE: does not reproduce or sell this book. It is the property of NCERT. We have attached a downloadable link for promotional purposes. Please buy this book from an authorized store.

“Ruchira” Sanskrit” Class VII chapters

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ncert cbse class 7 The Alien Hand english book download

[NCERT Class 7] “The Alien Hand Supplementary” English [PDF]

The Alien Hand Supplementary Class VII PDF

Book Name: The Alien Hand Supplementary

No. of Chapters: 10


Size : 15 MB

Format: PDF

Class : Seven

Language: English

The Alien Hand Supplementary for Class 7 (PDF) is an English textbook of NCERT or CBSE board of India. This book allows students to learn the literature of English from bottom to top. A number of story and drama make this book feature-rich. Note: We the does not sell this book without the permission of the NCERT board. We just have attached the downloadable link to spread the education.

All Chapters Preview

ncert class 7 english book pdf



# Download The Alien Hand Supplementary (NCERT) class 7 All Chapters

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honeycomb-class-7-english pdf download

[NCERT Class 7] “HONEYCOMB” PDF Download

[NCERT Class 7] “HONEYCOMB” ENGLISH Textbook PDF Download

Name of the BookHONEYCOMB
Class7, VII, Seven
FormatPDF + ZIP
Size55 MB
“HONEYCOMB” ENGLISH Textbook PDF summery

[NCERT Class 7] “HONEYCOMB” ENGLISH Textbook PDF Download FOR FREE. Honeycomb is an excellent English book for class seven of CBSE or NCERT school in India.

Learning a language means using it for a wide variety of purposes. Words and phrases not closely related to objects and actions remain empty and lifeless to young learners. Encourage learners to work in pairs and small groups and let them go beyond the textbook by providing a variety of language inputs for spontaneous and natural use of language.

NOTE: “HONEYCOMB” ENGLISH Textbook" is not republishing by We just link this book from official website of ncert. This book is fully copyrighted by NCERT. nic. in. You can download and read this book as a reference purpose. 

Foreword … iii

  1. Three Questions … page no 7
    The Squirrel … page no 17
  2. A Gift of Chappals … page no 18
    The Rebel … page no 33
  3. Gopal and the Hilsa Fish … page no 36
    The Shed … page no 48
    NOTES FOR THE TEACHER (UNITS 4–7) … page no 50
  4. The Ashes That Made Trees Bloom … page no 55
    Chivvy … page no 69
  5. Quality … page no 71
    Trees … page no 83
  6. Expert Detectives … page no 85
    Mystery of the Talking Fan … page no 97
  7. The Invention of Vita-Wonk … page no 99
    Dad and the Cat and the Tree … page no 107
    NOTES FOR THE TEACHER (UNITS 8–10) … page no 111
  8. Fire: Friend and Foe … page no 114
    Meadow Surprises … page no 123
  9. A Bicycle in Good Repair … page no 126
    Garden Snake … page no 137
  10. The Story of Cricket … page no 139

Download “HONEYCOMB” ENGLISH” Pdf Class 7

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[NCERT Class 7] “VIGYAN” Hindi Textbook PDF Download

[NCERT Class 7] “VIGYAN” Hindi Textbook PDF Download

[NCERT Class 7] “VIGYAN” Hindi Textbook PDF Download

Name of the BookVIGYAN
Class7, VII, Seven
Size30 MB

“VIGYAN” is a textbook for class 7 published by NCERT board of India. This book is perfect for a class 7 student to understand the basic knowledge of science. Using graphics and pictures make this book reach. There are 18 chapters in this book. Life science and physical science are included in this single book.

NOTE: “Vigyan” for class Seven – The copyright owner of this book is NCERT. nic. in. You can download and read this book as a reference purpose. is not republishing or redistributing this book to protect copyrighted law. is just linking the downloadable file from

Chapters of [NCERT Class 7] “VIGYAN” Hindi Version

01: पादपों में पोषण
02: प्राणियों में पोषण
03: रेशों से वस्त्र तकग
04: ऊष्मा
05: अम्ल; क्षारक और लवण
06: भौतिक एवं रासायनिक परिवर्तन
07: मौसम; जलवायु तथा जलवायु के अनुरूप जंतुओं द्वारा अनुकूल
08: पवन; तूप़फ़ान और चक्रवात
09: मृदा
10: जीवों में श्वसन
11: जंतुओं और पादप में परिवहन
12: पादप में जनन
13: गति एवं समय
14: विद्युत और इसके प्रभाव
15: प्रकाश
16: जल: हमारी जीवन रेखा
17: वन: हमारी जीवन रेखा
18: अपशिष्ट जल की कहानी
01: Nutrition in plants
02: Nutrition in creatures
03: Fibers to Clothing
04: heat
05: Acid; Bases and salts
06: Physical and chemical changes
07: Weather; Adapted by animals according to climate and climate
08: wind; Hurricanes and cyclones
09: soil
10: Respiration in Organisms
11: Transport in Animals and Plants
12: Plant reproduction
13: Speed and Time
14: Electricity and its effects
15: light
16: Water: Our Lifeline
17: Forest: Our lifeline
18: Story of Waste Water

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