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395 articles of indian constitution

All (448) Articles of the Indian Constitution [PDF]

List of All (448) Articles of the Indian Constitution

All the articles of Indian constitution are very important for any kind of competitive examinations. First of all you need to remember these articles to gear up your general knowledge as well as it is our (We the Indian) duty to know about our constitution. Am I right?

All the competitive examinations like SSC, CGL, CHSL, MTS, Railway Group-D to Group-A, IAS, UPSC, Banking PO SO, Police recruitment and others, offer 2 to 6 questions from Indian Constitution. So it is highly recommended.

# How to remember all these (465) articles of Indian constitution?

Well, I agree that it is very tough to remember these articles at once. So do not use shortcut method. There is nowany shortcut way. But it is my advice that please read part by part. Suppose today you read only 10 articles. You just revise these ten articles before reading next 10 articles. Continue these steps regularly. I am sure it will help you to remember all the articles about our constitution.

Before Reading or downloading the articles of Indian Constitution you should read all the parts of Indian Constitution.

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# Read  448 articles of the Indian constitution

# Download (448) 395 articles of Indian constitution

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# Download Compact List of All 465 Articles

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